All Showersave products are based upon the simple but ingenious concept of heat exchange.

Each of our systems will capture and reuse energy which would otherwise be lost down the drain while showering .

From a one off self build to large scale residential development or commercial project,  Showersave can offer a cost effective route to energy saving and building regulation compliance.


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waste heat recovery

Showersave product range:

What our clients say

Innovation that’s simple.

NCM SAP Identifier: Showersave QB1-21 / QB1-21C / QB1-21D

At Showersave we believe in keeping things simple because simplicity is the key to any of the world’s greatest innovations. That’s why in creating Showersave we focused purely on creating a simple device that would deliver real energy saving results; aesthetic appearance was simply not important.

There are over 50,000 Showersave units already installed across Europe and over 5,000 installed in the UK and Ireland alone.

Our ultimate goal is to see Showersave installed in every single new building right across the UK.