Author: Nuala Barr

  • What is Waste Water Heat Recovery?

    25th May 2022

    Andrew Sadler, a Sustainability and building compliance expert published  “What is Waste Water Heat Recovery?” blog in 2019.  This informative article is still relevant in 2022 and a great resource for those interested in finding out more about the benefits of using Waste water heat recovery. Read blog: What is Waste Water Heat Recovery?

  • An interview with Peter Mortimer

    17th August 2020

    In the first of a series of interviews with Briary Energy, Peter Mortimer (Sales Manager – Showersave) is under the spotlight to discuss his role at Showersave, changes in the industry and other relevant points of discussion. Briary energy assist all sizes of developer to achieve energy efficient properties, for the right build cost. By … Continue reading “An interview with Peter Mortimer”