Heat pumps work better with Showersave

According to data collected by the Centre for Sustainable Technologies

The graphs above provide a snapshot of the Impact a Showersave system has on the quantity of useable hot water for showering – Showersave in use in the right hand profile.

Based on the outcome of these laboratory  tests, house builders are urged to consider the likelihood  of excessive complaints from homeowners unable to acquire enough hot water to meet their basic needs once heat pumps become a common feature in new homes.

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At Showersave we have been working with The Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) at Ulster of University and Chris Martin of the Energy Monitoring company.

The aim was to:

Assess the impact a Showersave system has on the quality of provision of hot water when a heat pump is in use.

To establish the energy consumed to produce realistic daily shower requirements associated with the heat pump when in use for domestic hot water

A test schedule was constructed by Chris Martin and this was carried out by CST using a reputable, heat pump specific, 210 litre hot water cylinder; alongside a 7kW air source heat pump. The tests were undertaken under controlled conditions using an environmental chamber.

Data & Analysis

The data and subsequent analysis has revealed what we believe to be very important and relevant information when developers are making commercial decisions around installing heat pumps in new homes.

Our findings revealed

There is barely enough hot water in a fully charged 210 litre cylinder for 3 x showers

The cost of domestic hot water will increase substantially when compared with similar provision from the commonly used gas combi-boilers


The detailed report addresses some key issues which may cause concern among housebuilders, hence our willingness to share and discuss the report findings.

The report also identifies further benefits of using  Showersave alongside heat pumps are:

  • A very useful reduction in the cost of heating hot water.
  • A significant reduction in the recovery time of the hot water cylinder.
  • The ability to use a lower output heat pump.
  • Better quality provision of hot water


In summary, Showersave provides an important  low cost insurance policy against customer complaints regarding poor quality provision of hot water.