A cost effective route to Part L Building Regulations compliance

Showersave  is a well-established and wonderfully simple system.

It is installed in over 70,000 homes across the UK and Europe, all of which are benefiting from the recovery of the heat energy contained in the waste water being thrown down the drain.
As well as being extremely easy to install, most Showersave systems are maintenance free and have established a record of high reliability.

The Renewable Energy Directive (RED II, Dec 2018) now includes Waste Water Heat Recovery as a renewable. With Showersave also being recognised by the BRE in both SAP & SBEM it has become one of the most simple, sustainable and cost effective means of achieving Part L compliance.

For commercial developers, Showersave can act as an inexpensive and invaluable insurance policy against unforeseen non-compliance of Part L of dwellings.

Recognised as a renewable energy system, Showersave  is suitable for:
  • Housing Developments
  • Housing Associations
  • Self Builders
  • Bathroom Refurbishment
  • Apartment Projects