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Project Overview: Winkfield Gate, Berkshire
NCM (SAP) Identifier: Showersave® Recoh-Vert, RV3
Showersave® was specified in the Windsor Great Park, Winkfield Gate development in order to provide homeowners with an innovative energy-saving technology which coincides with Antler Homes ethos of maximising energy efficiency in all of their homes.


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Benefits of Showersave®

Low CAPEX and a hugely competitive £ per point in SAP 2012.
Offers developer a cheaper alternative to MVHR, Solar or Triple glazing.
Showersave® remains one of the most cost effective solutions to achieve the new demands of Part L 2013.
Showersave is around 60% efficient, depending on flow rate.
Customers benefit from reduced heating costs.
ZERO issues with the Showersave, post installation on units installed.
Showersave® is a “fit and forget” technology.