Innovative low energy design

Project Overview: Hobart and Pitcairn, Nottingham

NCM (SAP) Identifier: Showersave® Recoh-Vert, RV3

Hobart and Pitcairn, Nottingham demonstrates a shining example of how to blend innovative low energy design, with the hardnosed reality of building desirable homes for profit.


Blueprint, the joint venture developer linking Aviva Investors and Nottingham City Council worked on a design that delivered a high specification of fabric efficiency merged with economic use of hot water, ensuring that there was minimal wasted energy.

“Our objective was to build a quality family environment, which was competitively priced to own and run. The inclusion of Showersave has helped greatly in achieving this” Rachel Hopwell, Blueprint.

The 35 homes designed by Blueprint are now sold and occupied. Over the last 12 months the owners have seen utility bills that most of us could only dream of. Typically the average gas bill on these family homes is coming in at less than £30 per month. With some homes hovering nearer to £15 per month.

“The low running cost being experienced by our customers is a tremendous vindication of the hard work we put into these house designs”  Ashley Walters, Igloo Regeneration.

Site and Installation Photos

The aim of this project was to design and build homes which were energy efficient and commercially viable. Showersave,  albeit only one element of the overall build has contributed towards achieving the project objectives.

The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of Showersave makes it an attractive technology for projects aimed at reducing energy and maintenance costs.

In bringing Hobart and Pitcairn to market, Blueprint has demonstrated that commercially funded private housing can be delivered alongside greatly increased energy efficiency.

What our clients say

Benefits of Showersave®

Low CAPEX and a hugely competitive £ per point in SAP
Offers developer a cheaper alternative to MVHR, Solar PV or Triple glazing.
Showersave remains one of the most cost effective solutions to achieve the new demands of Part L 2013
Showersave is around 60% efficient, depending on flow rate
Customers benefit from reduced heating costs.
ZERO issues with Showersave, post installation on units installed.
Showersave® is a “fit and forget” technology.