How WWHR works

There are no moving parts or electrical connections; in short the system is wonderfully simple to install.

There are three system layouts recognised in SAP by BRE and these are demonstrated below

If there is any doubt or you cannot find what you need here, please call us. Importantly the installation instructions must be followed and where applicable, processes regarding SAP compliance should be strictly adhered to.

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waste heat recovery

Points of note

Ensure the heat exchanger is easily accessible so that it can be easily installed and uninstalled.

Ensure that a non-return valve and a shut-off valve have been installed and that these are easily accessible.

Ensure that the heat exchanger is installed in a space in which the temperature does not normally exceed 25 °C, DO NOT INSULATE the Showersave unit

Make sure the tap water connections are preferably made using straight thread, that no hemp is used and that the tightening moment is limited to 120 Nm.

Following installation the system should be cleaned in accordance with ACOP L8 or BS6700 (Design, installation, testing and maintenance of services supplying water for domestic use within buildings and their curtilages).

Be aware there may be some pressure loss on the tap side when a high flow rate shower head is in use.

System A overview

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